Friday, September 14, 2007

Penang, the place where the local food I craved for. Can't imagine how much we actually ate on this trip.

Penang Bridge View

The street where my uncle stays @ Greenlane

This is the place in Seri Bahari where we had our dinner. The food was fabulous. But all the photos were in my brother's phone. *Grrrr* Had a very satisfying meal here.

After dinner, we decided to go over for a walk @ Tesco -.- to buy toothbrush. But ended up buying 2 pints of Baskin Robins Ice Cream.

Queuing up to buy.

Then we went over to e-Gate's Starbucks for a drink. They have very nice sea view. One of my favourite spot. Btw, this is the first time I go starbucks with my dad and uncles. Haha! Here, you can see Jing and Yau yau taking 7 cups of plain water. LOL.


Uncles and my dad relaxing

Poser :P

The next day, we went to this Taman Free School's Food court if I'm not mistaken for dinner. The first thing I ordered was my favourite loh-mihun. Yum yum!

Next is Char Kuey Teow.

I don't know what is this called. But my uncle ordered. Pretty cheap 5 bucks only.

Oh~~ my favourite. This lala is bloody fresh I can tell you. 5 bucks per plate.

Last but not least I had Curry Mee. I was so so full by the end of the day.

Next, we headed off to Kedah. Paddy field view~

Shop lots + Houses along the way. Feels good to be back. I love kampung life. Can't wait to eat my Grandma's coooking!

One of the local food - Ulam.

Ulam as well. You eat it raw with sambal. You have all sorts of leaves, bamboo shoots, raw petai, etc, etc

Sambal :)~

Chopped and Fried Radish

Pineapple - my least fav haha. Somehow I find pineapple tickles my tongue. Can't bare with the feeling.

MY FAVOURITE of all. ROFLMAO. It was superb. I ate so much prawns :P

One of my fav soup as well...Pig Stomach soup

Roast Pork

Kerabu~ Yummy yum!

Mixed Vege

Fried Chicken..looked like prawn tho

All sorts of kuih

And pao...

And buns..

And home made jelly for dessert - I had 2 rows of it. My tummy felt like it was gonna burst. After eat we go sleep =P Haha that's what we do. It quite bored stayin there. My uncle's house doesn't even have astro =( Can't imagine how much weight I have increased. But luckily now I'm sick! I'm down wiht flu, cough, throat infection and fever since last Friday. Bummer!

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