Friday, September 14, 2007

Random cam whoring photos =P

My boo @ his own house haha

Tak sangka he oso cam whore :X

Chanel & Jeffery @ ER on Merdeka's Eve

Inside the vehicle with my bro

In front of La Queen

Leng Jai Jill with Leng lui nie..Wakakaka Took this upon reaching LOL

Fatty and I @ ER

Mayble and I @ ER

Practically on Merdeka's Eve..everyone's been acting so crazily. My cousin vomitted for the first time! Jeff went home halfway without even telling us. I wonder how he drove back! And lemon is one hell of a good thing to keep u sober. Met up with lotsa peeps that night. Anyway it was fun..with Martell, 20 buckets of beer and one Black Label. All I can say is chi 9 lan sin =P

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