Friday, July 17, 2009

Hungwee Post

I'm sick =( on MC for two days. My manager's gonna so screw me up on this. We have a policy of trying to maintain zero MC every month for each team. Suxor! It's been a month since I had cough. So so difficult to work like this. Affect my quality rating. *sigh* Am not recovered yet! Why? Coz I just chuck the medication away and not taking it. Not that, I did not cut down on intake of spicy food as well. Serves me right. And now flu and fever . Hmmm, what's next I wonder.

Why Restaurant City and Pet Society take so long to load? I waited for an hour already. I'm getting kinda addicted to this game. LOL Started playing two days ago only. I wanna catch up! *dreams*

Life's bored and nothing to blog. Wish I can do something exciting sometimes. Something with my boo. Went to Daidomon @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang the other day to try out on the Jap Buffet there. Shall blog bout the food later.

......and am too lazy to blog cuz I just update through FB using my Pi. LOL. Some pervert with the name Yinyi Tan kept sending me ham-sap offensive msg into my inbox. After I ignored him he tried adding me again...see!

Anyway I can lipot this bugger? Anyone?

Guess I'm a boring person :P Guess things aren't just as exciting and romantic as it used to be. I always complaint to him saying he doesn't love me anymore and forced him to say he loves me. Hahahahaha!! Haih. Back to reality please! No work = No $. No $ = No where you can go. Plus I'm only left with 7.5 days of annual leave and I gotta save it for month of October when my mum comes back.

But Imma go clubbin next week in Sunway! I missed today's outing to Yaki Yaki Jap Buffet @ Low Yat due to sorethroat. Huhu. Shall go with my boo next trip. Hee. And next week as well will be going back Ipoh. *giggles* It's been more than 2 weeks since I balik. I missed Meeko..I missed the food. This time back I must go for "Big Tree Leg". My boo doesn't like that place cuz the humans there are very lansi. IT all started from a bowl of extra laksa soup. The Muslim assistant just doesn't know how to provided good customer service according to my boo. *sigh* As long as the food is nice who cares!

Talking bout food made me hungwee. I wan Murni. I wan claypot lou shue fun, Roti Salad and Tom Yam Mihun. *Sobs* My boo went Dota with his buddies leaving me alone to rot hungrily at home =( There's dog kibbles =P Feel like ordering McD.

Too many birthday babies this month!! Imma broke soon. My credit card replacement is not here yet and I can't shop for Suraj and June's birthday gifts. CIMB servive damn slow!

Stupid RC and PS is not connected yet. I don't wanna browse through blogshops anymore. Gotta stop buying. SITOP!! I guess no more shopping for next 2 months? LOL. Same reason why I don't like going to malls as well. Only 3 shops I'd go and expect me to come out with a handful of paper bags, thinking of where to hide em before my boo sees it.

Finished reading the usual mangas. One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, XXXHolic, Fairy Tail, Eyeshield 21. I'm a lil confuse of which episode every week now. Thinking of which to start now.

I'm so hungweeeeeeeee!! Ok guys, stop bloggin now and order MCdong dong =) Hee. Nights!

To Whom it May Concern

To The One,

OMG OMG!!! Did you see that??

I guess this your sickness has infected other bloggers as well huh?

I'll kill you!!!

P/S :- This is just an inside joke between a friend and I.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Call me yannie~

I'm feeling a lil grumpy today. Too frustrated to blog.

Few days back, wanted to watch Transformers 2 but tickets all sold out for Premier Class. wtf. Even those for the next two days, ended up watching Ice Age 2. The lil baby dinos were so cute, reminded me of Gon =) *hugs*

I'm outta inspiration to blog today. *thinks*

I shall blog on my new gadget :P

Taadaaa~ Introducing PiPi (the name I gave, HAHAHAHAHAHA) I guess most of them knew. Hee hee. Love it and have yet to get the chance to jailbreak the phone. No time to read through forum.

Pics taken by PiPi :-

No regrets in getting this baby. Just that there's problem with SMS-ing. You'll know what I mean when you try using it.

I've downloaded a few other apps from Itunes and upgraded to version 3.0 =)

I'm looking for a tower defense game but gotta pay for it. wtf. Tempted tempted.

Today's the last day of June in SGHCC. =(

Basically I wasn't bothered by her leaving cause she's just leterrally moving to another department. It was something else. Just something nobody knew...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I'm SICK. I might be infected with H1N1.......NOT!!

*double dee double die double dee double die*~

I had fever right after I got home from Aileen's house. (Her teacup poodle was bloody cute that I wanted to kidnap her home =P). Pics of Baby (the Poodle's name) shall be uploaded soon, awaiting KY to transfer it from his precious D90. I wonder when.

But the next day I went for dinner @ Rainforest Sunway anyway for Addy's birthday dinner.

The food not only sucks but it took one hour to arrive! wtf The steak I ordered, was keras like batu and Suraj's so called Spaghetti Bolognese tasted like plain paste. I wonder how this place kept itself survive.

I told Addy I won't be joining them for clubbin @ Coco Banana after dinner cause I'm havin fever. I wasn't even tempted at all. But my boo he went out with his friends and he actually asked me to go join them and have fun but a big NO NO to alcohol. (Pigs will fly)

Surprise, surprise. And so I the time I reach home it was 3.30AM =P

I slept and the next day I manage to go to work and guess how many of them were on MC? Muhahahaha. You all traitors. I hate you all. Never ajak me =(

I actually sent Aileen an SMS to ask her on Sunday when I notice she wasn't in the office.

Me : Babe, you on MC?
She : Hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah.

-_________- I hope none of the AMOs or MOs will be reading this.

On Monday, sorethroat and cough hit me. Dream come true huh?

So much so for being so despo to get MC lah. When I went to the doc, he said I still have slight fever. wtf. For 3 days but I felt nothing.

The end.

Basically this post serves no purpose. Hahahahahahaha.

I was just too bored waiting for my boo to finish up his Texas Hold'Em Poker Game.

Btw, Imma edit the names in the previous post later just for reference purposes.

Outing with colleagues

Here's some updates on last week's outing with my colleagues.

Opps, just realized birthday boy's pic is not uploaded yet. Tee hee hee. It's with Aileen. Hmm..tomorrow night! I kept pestering her to upload LOL)

Those who have my FB acc should've seen these pics. Hee.

Was too lazy to upload everything.

Yoghini & I

June & I

Jack & I (Btw, He's one of the Assistant Manager LOL)

Azril & I

The rocker baby Suraj, Me and Azril.