Saturday, July 04, 2009

Call me yannie~

I'm feeling a lil grumpy today. Too frustrated to blog.

Few days back, wanted to watch Transformers 2 but tickets all sold out for Premier Class. wtf. Even those for the next two days, ended up watching Ice Age 2. The lil baby dinos were so cute, reminded me of Gon =) *hugs*

I'm outta inspiration to blog today. *thinks*

I shall blog on my new gadget :P

Taadaaa~ Introducing PiPi (the name I gave, HAHAHAHAHAHA) I guess most of them knew. Hee hee. Love it and have yet to get the chance to jailbreak the phone. No time to read through forum.

Pics taken by PiPi :-

No regrets in getting this baby. Just that there's problem with SMS-ing. You'll know what I mean when you try using it.

I've downloaded a few other apps from Itunes and upgraded to version 3.0 =)

I'm looking for a tower defense game but gotta pay for it. wtf. Tempted tempted.

Today's the last day of June in SGHCC. =(

Basically I wasn't bothered by her leaving cause she's just leterrally moving to another department. It was something else. Just something nobody knew...

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