Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I'm SICK. I might be infected with H1N1.......NOT!!

*double dee double die double dee double die*~

I had fever right after I got home from Aileen's house. (Her teacup poodle was bloody cute that I wanted to kidnap her home =P). Pics of Baby (the Poodle's name) shall be uploaded soon, awaiting KY to transfer it from his precious D90. I wonder when.

But the next day I went for dinner @ Rainforest Sunway anyway for Addy's birthday dinner.

The food not only sucks but it took one hour to arrive! wtf The steak I ordered, was keras like batu and Suraj's so called Spaghetti Bolognese tasted like plain paste. I wonder how this place kept itself survive.

I told Addy I won't be joining them for clubbin @ Coco Banana after dinner cause I'm havin fever. I wasn't even tempted at all. But my boo he went out with his friends and he actually asked me to go join them and have fun but a big NO NO to alcohol. (Pigs will fly)

Surprise, surprise. And so I the time I reach home it was 3.30AM =P

I slept and the next day I manage to go to work and guess how many of them were on MC? Muhahahaha. You all traitors. I hate you all. Never ajak me =(

I actually sent Aileen an SMS to ask her on Sunday when I notice she wasn't in the office.

Me : Babe, you on MC?
She : Hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah.

-_________- I hope none of the AMOs or MOs will be reading this.

On Monday, sorethroat and cough hit me. Dream come true huh?

So much so for being so despo to get MC lah. When I went to the doc, he said I still have slight fever. wtf. For 3 days but I felt nothing.

The end.

Basically this post serves no purpose. Hahahahahahaha.

I was just too bored waiting for my boo to finish up his Texas Hold'Em Poker Game.

Btw, Imma edit the names in the previous post later just for reference purposes.

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