Friday, April 27, 2007

Updates on GR Adoption

Updated by a LYN Forumer: I called up DBKL to get the true story. The dogs are NOT for adoption yet for they need to go through the 7 day wait to see if their owners would come and claim them. Good news is that 1 dog that looks like a GR has been claimed back. The other 2 are also Mixed GRs but with less GR features. The dogs will only be for adoption in 7 days time. Adoption fee is RM150 to RM300. It is a small price to pay since they do need the money to upkeep the other dogs caught. DBKL is only doing their job at rounding up dogs that stray with or without collars to clear the streets. They do not have charity drives like SPCA. Do not go to DBKL just coz of the GR mixed breeds, why not go there and adopt some other dogs.... They have plenty.

Owners of dogs who are caught by them need to pay a fine of RM100 or more as it is wrong to let their dogs lose and run wild. DBKL is just doing their job as a local animal control under Kuala Lumpur.

If you are still interested to adopt the 2 remaining GR mix dogs, only CALL DBKL next Tuesday or Wednesday since they have gotten tired of getting phone calls alreadyu for these dogs. There will be no adoption going on till next Tuesday or Wednesday.


Yesterday I went for a stroll at MV. Then we decided to get Daniel's 8850 fixed. Hmmm, so GG was thinking why not we take a look at n93i and n95.

Here's a photo of n95 just incase you dunno how it look like

The sales girls was kind enough to show it to us. n93i, I pretty much like the new mirror-screen but it's kinda bulky. Imagine if you were to slip it into your jeans. The n95, a dummy model (cause it was out of stock), looked superb :P The function attracted me at first. The GPS and the innovative double slide design. I never thought that the size is only slighty taller than the SE's w550c. Conclusion, Cun!!!

URGENT!!! Golden Retriever up for Adoption

Type of Pet: Golden Retriever (There are 3 available)

Age of Pet: 1, 2, and 4 year old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sex: Not Available

Location: Pusat Kurungan Haiwan, Jabatan Kesihatan DBKL - KL City Hall Dog Pound
Off Jalan Air Jerneh, Kampung Air Kuning, Air Panas, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Contact number: 03 4021 1682

Special needs: Perfectly healthy

Reason for adoption / Message for interested parties: If these poor dogs are not adopted by today (April 27th), they'll be put to sleep.

Please spread the news!!!

Pet-n-You 2nd Agility & Obedience Challenge

Great news (to me :P) This event will be held at the green and spacious Bandar Utama Central Park and all are welcomed on the day. Well, I hope Crys will be able to make it this time. Don't FFK me anymore ya.

The event is geneorusly sponsored by 'Happy Dog' and door gifts will be handed out to those who turn up on the day. To cater to all dog lovers, casual doggie games will also be in the offering, which includes the popular 'Top Dog Model', the new 'Total Recall', the athletic 'Long Jumper' and the creative 'Top Trick Dog'. Games are free for all to partake in and swell prizes await the top 3 dogs who impress the judge in each game.

Obedience categories: Pre-Novice, Novice, Intermediate and Open

Agility categories: Basic Jumpers, Novice Jumpers and Novice Agility. Mini and Maxi classes applicable for all levels. To encourage participation at all levels, especially new and beginner teams, onleash runs plus treats/toys are permitted in the ring for Basic and Novice Jumpers.

Entrance fees: RM10 one-off registration fee + RM10 per challenge entry. Prizes, trophies and certificates will be awarded to the top 3 teams who qualify in each class.

Even if you are just popping by to have a look, you will be suitably entertained. And yes, do bring your family and dogs along for a picnic at the park as well. Grab this opportunity to socialize with other dogs! FYI, there will be a lake where dogs can go skinny dipping there :P Plus, there will be an Official Photographer during this event.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This story made me cry

"She's famous, you know," the elderly man said humbly, half looking at the floor, while I examined his dog's swollen ear. BUt I could hear the pride in his voice.

A few moments earlier, just before entering the exam room, I had glanced over the chart for the patient in Room One. When I saw the patient's name, I thought, How original. A dog named Dog. Probably another backyard lawn ornament that's barely noticed and doesn't even get enough attention for someone to come up with an actual name for her. But then I also noticed she had been brought in for yearly exams and had received all our recommended vaccinations and preventative care. Perhaps this wasn't a neglected dog after all.

Inside the exam room, I met Mr. James Evans, eighty-four, and Dog, his eleven-year-old Weimaraner mix. I guess you could say they were pretty close to the same age. Mr. Evans had noticed the swelling and "dirty ears," and brought Dog right in to have her checked out.

As I continued the exam, he told me how he stumbled upon Dog's high intelligence when he started teaching her simple tasks. He taught her these mainly in case of an emergency since he had heart and other health problem. He noticed how quickly she caught on and began teaching her more tricks. Her most famous were counting and solving math problems. They started "showing off" for family and friends, then Mr Evans began taking her to nursing homes, schools and other small groups to perform.

"The people seem to enjoy it," he said. "Everyone's always asking how she does it. I tell them I don't know. She hasn't told me yet," he laughed. "Maybe she can read my mind. I don't know...but she gets the answers wrong when I'm not concentrating."

When he first started telling me all this, I thought, Yeah, yeah, everybody thinks their dog is a genius. But I could now tell by the way his eyes lit up, and how Dog never took hers off him, that he wasn't boasting, but doing what he always did: sharing this special animal and her stories with others. He sensed that I was genuinely interested and told me he would bring a video of her next time. He readily agreed to my recommended preanesthetic blood testing and treatment of the ears.

Mr Evans brought me the videotape the next time he brought Dog in, which was for her annual visit. Later that day, a few members of the staff and I watched it. Although it wasn't the best-quality tape, two things were evident: how much the small audiences enjoyed the performance and how Dog never took her eyes off her partner. Was she reading his mind? Or was she adept at reading his body language that she was picking up on some subconcious cue he was giving her, something he didn't even know he was doing-and isn't that almost the same thing? However they did it, it was a result of both of them being completely in tune with and trusting each other.

Several months later, they were back in my exam room, both a little feebler. Mr Evans wanted me to check those ears again. He thought she might be losing her hearing. She was also having some trouble getting around. "But so am I," he chuckled as I carefully checked her over. Her ears were fine-just some wax, no infection-but her hips were arthritic.

The next time I saw them, Dog had to be carried into the exam room. Two years passed since our first meeting. She was now thirteen and he was eighty-six. I dreaded this exam. Before I even started, Mr Evans looked straight at me with moist eyes and said, "Now, she's been too good to me for me to let her suffer. I would never let her down like that."

With that, I went quietly with my exam. She was so weak. Laboring to breathe, her heartbeat was muffled and her eyes were dim. He agreed to leave her overnight so we could do more tests. He wanted to take the time to find out everything, but didn't want to allow her to be uncomfortable any longer if nothing could be done. I said I understood.

X-Rays, EKG and blood work confirmed congestive heart failure, which had also caused liver disease. After treating her with heart medication, she was breathing a little easier and able to eat and drink. Something told me, though, that she was holding on---holding on for him...for now. I prayed that she wouldn't die, not that night, not without him beside her.

I held my breath that morning as I entered the treatment room, trying to read my staff members' faces for the answer to the questions I didn't want to ask: How was Dog? Had she made it through the night? She was alive, but very weak. I had to call Mr Evans. He seemed to already know what I had to report.

Mr Evans patted her head as I injected the bright-pink liquid, tears streaming down my face, my hands shaking. I glanced at my assistant, hoping to find a steady face. No luck. Her eyes were pools of water. Dog's leg, my hands, the syringe were now nothing but a blur. She took one last deep, long breath.

Mr Evans's son John carried out the large box. For the first time, James Evans looked old to me. I wondered how he would be without her.

Later that afternoon, John Evans called to let us know that his father had passed away--- he had suffered a heart attack while Dog's grave was being dug. I couldn't believe the pain that hit my own heart. I don't know how long I stood, stunned, before taking another breath.

I felt responsible. I had ended Dog's life, and because of that, Mr Evans's life had ended, too. But then I realized they wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The family knew this, too. They had Dos's body exhumed and cremated. And they placed her ashes with her best friend.

I am grateful to Dog and Mr Evans. They did more for me as a vet than I did for them. For at those times when I feel discouraged, dealing with the aftermath of a person's neglect of a pet, I remember Dog and Mr Evans, and my confidence in the bond is restored.

Adopted from CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE DOG LOVER'S SOUL...written by Andrea B. Redd, D.V.M.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Grooming Needed?

As I was planning to go back to Ipoh today, I was searching for a groomer which provide transportation service as my car is still at the workshop. Pet Shack was the first which struck my mind. I contacted her and we came to an agreement that she’ll fetch my baby to her shop and get her groomed in an hour’s time. Steki! When Germaine came back, I was so glad that her nails are trimmed. No more sounds of nails tapping on the floor when running. Poor baby. She came back with a bell hanging on her neck. I thought it was a gift, but it seemed that it was worn on the wrong pet. The worse thing is when Joan came back to claim the collar, the bell was broken. Thanks to my naughty baby. I was so embarrassed and Joan kept apologizing. I volunteered to replace another one but she insisted it was her mistake to put it on the wrong dog. Overall, this is a recommended pet shop. The price of products are decent, some, even cheaper than those in Ipoh. Basic grooming was charged at thirty bucks. It cost only five bucks for nails trimming compared to Ipoh which is 5 bucks higher.

Pet Shack
102, Block A, Mentari Business Park
Jalan PJS 8/2
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-5637 4536
Email :

The Moment You Leave Me

The day you left me for the first time,
I was devastated,
Do you really love me?
Do you really mean your words?
I took you back

It happened for the second time
You accused me for having an affair
Why the hell do I bring you alone to our outings?
How the hell do I find time to sleep with him?
Why the hell I stay at home to watch Shikamaru?
I took you back

Today, you chose to leave me again,
You shall never look back, so will I,
For my heart is filled with disappointment.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Limited Time

Man..I'm late to work again today. 8.49AM. LOL don't blame me but on the driver of course . Why is there only 24 hours a day? After calculation, there's only 6 hours left for me to do my own stuff.

- 06 (Sleep)
- 11 (Working hours including travelling to and from work and the JAM -.-)
- 01
06 (The number of hours I can get to spend with Shikamaru :P)

I've always wished for a "36 hours a day" day to have more time to sleep, laze around, spend time with my baby, etc etc. My previous job was only 8 hours. And there was totally no jam when i travel to work. It took me 6 minutes to reach. Ipoh's life was way more relaxed. Just came out of the meeting about the incentive thingy. Tsk. Stress man. Oh btw, are we having holiday on this coming 26th?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Naruto Marathon

Last weekend was spent at home watching a total of 130 episodes of Naruto. Okay, I know it sounded kinda out-dated (The adult version is already out, and I'm just startin on the baby ones). Before I indulged, or should I say got myself addicted to this anime, the first impression that Naruto gave me was "what's so nice about this animation?" sorta feeling. God knows I'd gone lunatic on this kid stuff :P Who says adult can't watch cartoons? I think I'm going to be crazy. Haha :P Everyone said so. I only had 2 hours sleep on Sunday. Migraine the whole day at work. My office's desktop :-

My fav is the one on the right. With Sausuke, Shikamaru, The guy with the dog (LOL) and Naruto. So ugly one the alignment? I'm noob, I admit. Plus, I'm blogging from Office. Sigh One whole month taking CAB home. Tsk. I ain't finish yet. But my stomach is growling. Don't lemme see any Shikamaru's merchandise :P

Thank god it's Good Friday

I had a bad stomach cramp last Friday after lunch. That was my first day of PMS. On normal basis, the pain will increase, it excruciating and unbearable. On that particular day, i was like "yay! Tomorrow is Saturday. Finally it's weekend! Hell cares whether I have cramps or not?". The thought of not having to work, made the pain easier. If it wasn't for Friday, I guess things will turn out different!

P/S : Come to think of it, it might be Shikamaru who made the unpleasant pain go away *day dreaming*

Friday, April 06, 2007

Bloggers may have to register. What Say You?

Bloggers using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said.

He said registration was one of the measures the Government was considering to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet.

Shaziman said this while winding up the debate on the motion of thanks on the Royal Address for his ministry.

He added that the ministry did not have any problem with bloggers who identified themselves, and he welcomed blogging activities.

However, he said there were about 50,000 websites registered under the .my suffix and there were a lot of avenues for anyone to host websites with malicious content which could harm the country's security.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, who interjected when Shaziman was speaking, said the negative comments of several ministers about bloggers reflected their lack of understanding about information flow in cyberspace.

"They should be educated on the vast benefits of blogging, which will help them to interact more with the people. Many politicians overseas already have their own blogs," he added.

Asked to comment on the matter, Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said bloggers were very aware of their own ethics and responsibility for content on their sites.

While agreeing that there were bloggers who had inflammatory content, he said unidentified bloggers could still be traced through their website addresses.

He added that the problem was also about inflammatory comments by unidentified visitors to the blogs.

Ahirudin Attan of Rocky's Bru said the move to compel local bloggers to register was effectively the Government trying to control what Malaysians were writing online.

"This violates the Government's no-censorship policy with regards to the Internet," he said.

He added that the move would just create fear among the bloggers and would encourage them to host their blogs overseas.

Marina Mahathir, a blogger and activist, said the Government really should "get real."

She said the move "is just going to make Malaysia look ridiculous in the eyes of the world."

Blogger Jeff Ooi wondered why the Government was pursuing this course of action.

He said the Government had already set up the Content Forum to deliberate on complaints by any party.

Quoted from The Star Website

Way to go Marina!

Blogging From Heaven

May I R.I.P. Don't know what luck struck me on Monday and I got hit by a van. And now I'm so dead. Topic explains everything.

Argh I hated the Donkey. Luckily he's on leave. Doesn't need to see his hee haw hee haw's face. LMAO. Nothing much to update tho. Been very busy lately. Damn I miss going back to Ipoh. I miss my friends. Fei vin..jiao jiao..Teddy :~ They've been calling me but I wasn't there to answer their calls. I'm dead what? Heaven has no service provider :P

Been chasing Naruto like crazy. This anime is similar to Law of Ueki. Kakashi is my fav =P haha Anyway lunch time's over. Have fun tonight Crystal :P