Friday, April 27, 2007

Updates on GR Adoption

Updated by a LYN Forumer: I called up DBKL to get the true story. The dogs are NOT for adoption yet for they need to go through the 7 day wait to see if their owners would come and claim them. Good news is that 1 dog that looks like a GR has been claimed back. The other 2 are also Mixed GRs but with less GR features. The dogs will only be for adoption in 7 days time. Adoption fee is RM150 to RM300. It is a small price to pay since they do need the money to upkeep the other dogs caught. DBKL is only doing their job at rounding up dogs that stray with or without collars to clear the streets. They do not have charity drives like SPCA. Do not go to DBKL just coz of the GR mixed breeds, why not go there and adopt some other dogs.... They have plenty.

Owners of dogs who are caught by them need to pay a fine of RM100 or more as it is wrong to let their dogs lose and run wild. DBKL is just doing their job as a local animal control under Kuala Lumpur.

If you are still interested to adopt the 2 remaining GR mix dogs, only CALL DBKL next Tuesday or Wednesday since they have gotten tired of getting phone calls alreadyu for these dogs. There will be no adoption going on till next Tuesday or Wednesday.

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