Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Comet's All Grown Up

My lovely god son was sent over to my place cause his Mum was on a trip to Singapore. My oh my, Comet has grown up quite alot. Sorethroat like barks have grown into a loud one, which gave me sleepelss nights. Haha! Well, funny things happened. Neither of them wanted to eat their own food. They are taking different brands, but seemed to be interested in each other's food more. Each meal time, they refused to eat their own food. What kinda dog are these? Both are as naughty and active! They refuse to stop playing even after 15 minutes of sumo fighting, attempting to climb on top of each other. Well, Comet gets tired pretty fast, but Germaine just won't let him take his rest. She'll go butt sniffing and face licking. Sometimes, when I'm holding Comet, and Germaine does all that, he'll go growling. This boy is kinda 'garang'. Out of my expectation though. I shall post up photos later. I even had on with Comet's hair tied up with a ribbon clip! LOL Boy, he does look like a shaggy dog without his hair combed up. Even water based gel couldn't help. Pity the boy for having fur poking into his eye.

P/S : How's my new blog layout?

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