Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends for benefit

At times, most of us does not realize how important friends are. Friends play a very important role in our lifes. Little did we know, they are the ones who indirectly motivate us, kept us movin on with our lives, givin us the courage and strength. Imagine without any friends, to whom are we goin to rely on apart from our family members? What's gonna happen next when you move to another state to pursue your career? You can't depend forever on your family members. It is when a friend left us, be it tragically or without any choice to migrate to another state, only will we realize how important they are. Good friends need not meet up everyday and friends who meet up everyday does mean they are on good terms. Some friends of mine tend to have barrier when making friends. To them friends are for benefits. Yes. Whether it is for good or bad reasons. Example. A friend, X only find Y when she's lonely. Do you find X is using Y? Some agrees some don't. It all depends on ze perspective of oneself.
I wish I can return to how things were five years ago. Things weren't as complicated, we spent so much time together, the laughter, bullshits, dirty jokes, pissed drunk and vomit times. But a person can't be 17 forever. Life moves on. Live with it.
Basically, don't be too stubborn, and calculative. Lay back and enjoy. Lifes too short. Seriously.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too lazy to blog...

Toy's Fair Malaysia 2010

# Venue : Mid Valley Mega Mall #

 Blythe is so cute especially this one. This is the only one displayed outside which is nice. So i did not bother to take the rest. There's another one inside the glass display as was told by my brother. Didn't notice. :P

Time doesn't permit me to type much. I need to get some sleep before tonight's movie and also very the malas to think and type. Hehehe. So for the time being I'll just post pics and nothing but pics. Those who have seen my Facebook account may have seen the pics below. =)

Nicest pic after 5 years of attempt. Failed owner. lol

Meeko with her new pink color bell <3


# Mel and Jean's Birthday BBQ #
Venue : Villa Flora, TTDI








Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 20th!!!!!

Happy happy 20th birthday to the two babes - Melissa and Jean. Had a massive headache thus I couldn't stand the heat. Thanks to gg and Choy who voluntarily offered me BBQ chicken wing and breast meat xD I was effin hungry. Didn't manage to snap much photos eventho I brought Nikki. Couple of the 'participants' there brought their DSLR too. We were having discussion bout lens and sharing tips on photography. Lol. It was letargic. I was out the whole day. From house viewing to world cyber games, and yumcha. I was informed last minute of Kelvin's visit to KL.

=(((( pain pain pain. Unbearable headache. Need more sleep to recharge for tomorrow.

Was kinda disappointed I didn't make it to Bon Odori. My yukata set was a waste. It was pretty. To me at least.

Red dragonflies =) comes with a black pre-tied Obi, Geta and also a bag. I've forgotten what's it called.

Camwhore pics.

Before BBQ.

Tired shit face after BBQ.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Unexpected Post for Friday

Magic Show...jeng jeng jeng xD

Hmmmm ?.?


:P hanger danglin on the mouth. Lol. This is the consequence for pee-ing on the bed. She was made to stay in this funny post for 3 minutes plus. Move an inch kena whack! I couldn't stop giggling hahahahaha.

Next pictar.

Not for the faint hearted....


Hahaha hair wig of my brother's classmate.

The end.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Never notice how long my mane have grown. Its dry and spoilt. Never bother to trim it since CNY - chinese new year. That was like 5 months ago. Anyway these photos were edited by an iphone app called retro camera. Just love the retro effect. It allows you to change the film. Not sure if it's free tho xD

Btw, my post today isn't about my hair. One question. Have you ever had bad experience doin e-shoppin? I did. Again. I remembered posting once. This time it was with this color lens seller. Irresponsible one I would say. One who doesn't respond till the buyer SMS-ed her checkin on stock arrival. One who can afford to forget to post out customers offer. One who all the time posts the wrong product to clients. I'm glad I got my refund. She delayed my payment for two weeks after waiting for a month for my lens - I had no more and current one died on me. Crap. As per norm, never bothered to refund until I bombared her facebook page with messages. Afraid of being seen by other customers she previously deleted two of my messages. Not that I had the intention to do that in the first place. I had problems accessing to my inbox. Duh. And btw, my order is worth 450 bucks. Not a big amount but not small either. Enough said.

World Cup final's today! Who d'you predict is gonna win? I hope Paul, or Pauline or whatever Mani's prediction is right. Haha!

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