Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends for benefit

At times, most of us does not realize how important friends are. Friends play a very important role in our lifes. Little did we know, they are the ones who indirectly motivate us, kept us movin on with our lives, givin us the courage and strength. Imagine without any friends, to whom are we goin to rely on apart from our family members? What's gonna happen next when you move to another state to pursue your career? You can't depend forever on your family members. It is when a friend left us, be it tragically or without any choice to migrate to another state, only will we realize how important they are. Good friends need not meet up everyday and friends who meet up everyday does mean they are on good terms. Some friends of mine tend to have barrier when making friends. To them friends are for benefits. Yes. Whether it is for good or bad reasons. Example. A friend, X only find Y when she's lonely. Do you find X is using Y? Some agrees some don't. It all depends on ze perspective of oneself.
I wish I can return to how things were five years ago. Things weren't as complicated, we spent so much time together, the laughter, bullshits, dirty jokes, pissed drunk and vomit times. But a person can't be 17 forever. Life moves on. Live with it.
Basically, don't be too stubborn, and calculative. Lay back and enjoy. Lifes too short. Seriously.

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