Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too lazy to blog...

Toy's Fair Malaysia 2010

# Venue : Mid Valley Mega Mall #

 Blythe is so cute especially this one. This is the only one displayed outside which is nice. So i did not bother to take the rest. There's another one inside the glass display as was told by my brother. Didn't notice. :P

Time doesn't permit me to type much. I need to get some sleep before tonight's movie and also very the malas to think and type. Hehehe. So for the time being I'll just post pics and nothing but pics. Those who have seen my Facebook account may have seen the pics below. =)

Nicest pic after 5 years of attempt. Failed owner. lol

Meeko with her new pink color bell <3


# Mel and Jean's Birthday BBQ #
Venue : Villa Flora, TTDI








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