Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 20th!!!!!

Happy happy 20th birthday to the two babes - Melissa and Jean. Had a massive headache thus I couldn't stand the heat. Thanks to gg and Choy who voluntarily offered me BBQ chicken wing and breast meat xD I was effin hungry. Didn't manage to snap much photos eventho I brought Nikki. Couple of the 'participants' there brought their DSLR too. We were having discussion bout lens and sharing tips on photography. Lol. It was letargic. I was out the whole day. From house viewing to world cyber games, and yumcha. I was informed last minute of Kelvin's visit to KL.

=(((( pain pain pain. Unbearable headache. Need more sleep to recharge for tomorrow.

Was kinda disappointed I didn't make it to Bon Odori. My yukata set was a waste. It was pretty. To me at least.

Red dragonflies =) comes with a black pre-tied Obi, Geta and also a bag. I've forgotten what's it called.

Camwhore pics.

Before BBQ.

Tired shit face after BBQ.

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