Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm in a bad mood today cuz my half day leave was declined =(

My manager claimed that I took MCs last month, which I did not! Hmph. I was on a bet with MAvis - whoever takes MC, loses 500 bucks! Bummer! I can be such an emo queen when it comes to working evening shift. It's sooo boring. I nearly miss the bus yesterday night due to a long winded customer who actually called in thrice asking bout same bloody thing.


Few days back, I called CIMB to check on the money which I banked in, into my CC account for Iphone purchase. I wanted to earn points so I banked money before I swipe. Heh.

I was put on hold for so long listening to the crappy advertisement and after 5 minutes when a guy attended to my enquiries, he spoke super fast. I was wondering how many humans were working there at that time. It was around 1AM. (Yeah I usually call at this hour)

Not long after, I received an sms, "Hi Annie, this is CJ here. Remember me? You actually spoke to me just now when calling in to CIMB. I couldn't believe it myself" *gasp*

Sure I do remember who this guy is...

What a coincidence huh? Funny to me. Now, I can go through FC and LC waiver without begging. *wee~* Kidding!