Monday, July 12, 2010


Never notice how long my mane have grown. Its dry and spoilt. Never bother to trim it since CNY - chinese new year. That was like 5 months ago. Anyway these photos were edited by an iphone app called retro camera. Just love the retro effect. It allows you to change the film. Not sure if it's free tho xD

Btw, my post today isn't about my hair. One question. Have you ever had bad experience doin e-shoppin? I did. Again. I remembered posting once. This time it was with this color lens seller. Irresponsible one I would say. One who doesn't respond till the buyer SMS-ed her checkin on stock arrival. One who can afford to forget to post out customers offer. One who all the time posts the wrong product to clients. I'm glad I got my refund. She delayed my payment for two weeks after waiting for a month for my lens - I had no more and current one died on me. Crap. As per norm, never bothered to refund until I bombared her facebook page with messages. Afraid of being seen by other customers she previously deleted two of my messages. Not that I had the intention to do that in the first place. I had problems accessing to my inbox. Duh. And btw, my order is worth 450 bucks. Not a big amount but not small either. Enough said.

World Cup final's today! Who d'you predict is gonna win? I hope Paul, or Pauline or whatever Mani's prediction is right. Haha!

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