Thursday, April 12, 2007

Limited Time

Man..I'm late to work again today. 8.49AM. LOL don't blame me but on the driver of course . Why is there only 24 hours a day? After calculation, there's only 6 hours left for me to do my own stuff.

- 06 (Sleep)
- 11 (Working hours including travelling to and from work and the JAM -.-)
- 01
06 (The number of hours I can get to spend with Shikamaru :P)

I've always wished for a "36 hours a day" day to have more time to sleep, laze around, spend time with my baby, etc etc. My previous job was only 8 hours. And there was totally no jam when i travel to work. It took me 6 minutes to reach. Ipoh's life was way more relaxed. Just came out of the meeting about the incentive thingy. Tsk. Stress man. Oh btw, are we having holiday on this coming 26th?

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