Friday, July 17, 2009

Hungwee Post

I'm sick =( on MC for two days. My manager's gonna so screw me up on this. We have a policy of trying to maintain zero MC every month for each team. Suxor! It's been a month since I had cough. So so difficult to work like this. Affect my quality rating. *sigh* Am not recovered yet! Why? Coz I just chuck the medication away and not taking it. Not that, I did not cut down on intake of spicy food as well. Serves me right. And now flu and fever . Hmmm, what's next I wonder.

Why Restaurant City and Pet Society take so long to load? I waited for an hour already. I'm getting kinda addicted to this game. LOL Started playing two days ago only. I wanna catch up! *dreams*

Life's bored and nothing to blog. Wish I can do something exciting sometimes. Something with my boo. Went to Daidomon @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang the other day to try out on the Jap Buffet there. Shall blog bout the food later.

......and am too lazy to blog cuz I just update through FB using my Pi. LOL. Some pervert with the name Yinyi Tan kept sending me ham-sap offensive msg into my inbox. After I ignored him he tried adding me again...see!

Anyway I can lipot this bugger? Anyone?

Guess I'm a boring person :P Guess things aren't just as exciting and romantic as it used to be. I always complaint to him saying he doesn't love me anymore and forced him to say he loves me. Hahahahaha!! Haih. Back to reality please! No work = No $. No $ = No where you can go. Plus I'm only left with 7.5 days of annual leave and I gotta save it for month of October when my mum comes back.

But Imma go clubbin next week in Sunway! I missed today's outing to Yaki Yaki Jap Buffet @ Low Yat due to sorethroat. Huhu. Shall go with my boo next trip. Hee. And next week as well will be going back Ipoh. *giggles* It's been more than 2 weeks since I balik. I missed Meeko..I missed the food. This time back I must go for "Big Tree Leg". My boo doesn't like that place cuz the humans there are very lansi. IT all started from a bowl of extra laksa soup. The Muslim assistant just doesn't know how to provided good customer service according to my boo. *sigh* As long as the food is nice who cares!

Talking bout food made me hungwee. I wan Murni. I wan claypot lou shue fun, Roti Salad and Tom Yam Mihun. *Sobs* My boo went Dota with his buddies leaving me alone to rot hungrily at home =( There's dog kibbles =P Feel like ordering McD.

Too many birthday babies this month!! Imma broke soon. My credit card replacement is not here yet and I can't shop for Suraj and June's birthday gifts. CIMB servive damn slow!

Stupid RC and PS is not connected yet. I don't wanna browse through blogshops anymore. Gotta stop buying. SITOP!! I guess no more shopping for next 2 months? LOL. Same reason why I don't like going to malls as well. Only 3 shops I'd go and expect me to come out with a handful of paper bags, thinking of where to hide em before my boo sees it.

Finished reading the usual mangas. One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, XXXHolic, Fairy Tail, Eyeshield 21. I'm a lil confuse of which episode every week now. Thinking of which to start now.

I'm so hungweeeeeeeee!! Ok guys, stop bloggin now and order MCdong dong =) Hee. Nights!

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