Monday, November 01, 2010


Sometimes I just feel like I'm such a fake that when I'm not okay, I talked and laughed as if I'm happy in front of everyone. But hey, isn't what everyone's doin? Puttin' up with different kind of masks everyday. Sometimes i feel scared not knowin which one is the real face. lol. I guess this is pretty essential in life. People survived by bein' fake. Even to people you love, families and friends. I totally don't get it.

And sometimes I think I'mma be lunatic. I couldn't be alone. Alone at home or alone doing things. Except for goin' to Starbucks :P (been a long time since i lepak there) Other than that, no way. Am I havin a serious problem here?

I think i need a shrink session.

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  1. Serious problem?...I guess u need to find the "ultimate" happiness in life..How? don't have to crack ur head since most of the time, it's jst with us, just need to take a closer



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