Sunday, November 21, 2010

Words are cheap..

There's no need for a person to tell you in the face that they hate you. It's just so easy to see thru actions. Example? People not replying your texts after multiple attempts and not even wantin to wish you on your birthday.

Hello? Wake up to sanity please. I ain't talkin bout me myself. But someone who thinks that by saying I miss you and I want to see you may trick me into the participation of my trip to Melaka plan. Hell no *grins*

That's so so lame that it makes me laugh. Here's a part of the conversation :-

A : who are you coming with oh?

Me : my friends..

A : Am I included in your plans tomorrow?

Me : no. Why should I?

A : do u need some tour guide to bring you guys around? I'm free tomorrow.

Me : no need bah

Thick face.

Undeniable, it was I who msn him first askin for some hot spots in search got good food. But never expect to induldge in such a oh-so-lame conversation. You just crap alot. I don't care what you gonna say but I ain't have anything to hide. Better not let me find out =) I don't hate you but perverts like you are better off alone. You can see it clearly when ones have intentions.

Till then.

My ass isn't burning after loadsa chillis for the dry pan mee, followed by steamboat for dinner. =)

Back to bed <3

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