Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovely Sunday

It was a lovely Sunday when suddenly I was awakened by loud thud of thunder. *grunts* Can't you let me sleep a lil longer? My bro sent me an SMS to tapao food cause he thought I was out with my boo. *sigh* I texted him, "No. I'm still in the room half asleep. You wanna go lunch at MV? Cause I need to go G2000 to change coat size". Yes, the staff gave me a wrong size. Instead of M she have me L. We were freakin hungry by the time we got ready it was 3PM. We headed to swap coat size first before headin to Oh! Sushi.

After quick lunch, we headed home to prepare for the wedding dinner. Pictures below says it all.

Btw, in one of the pictures above is my boo's twin brothers. The one on left is still single I think. HAHAHA :P

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