Friday, February 23, 2007

Do whatever you want - Happy CNY~~~

Happy CNY peeps!~ Haven't got the spare time to update my blog since Valentine's Day. I heard someone is attached with some girl. Congrats by the way. Valentine's Day was normal. Chinese New Year was boring man. Worse than last year. As usual I have to go back to Kedah (dad's hometown) until the 2nd day of CNY. We never fail to taste the laksa my relative cooked. It was the best! We just eat, sleep, watch TV (Thank god there's ASTRO), gamble (I just watch, I hate gambling), play games on my cousin's handphone (Puzzle Bobble :P), and go visiting. Took couple of photos, will be uploading tomorrow. No time now. It's already 4a.m.
On the 2nd day of CNY, went clubbin..for 3 days continously. y2K, Rum Jungle, y2K.
on the 3rd day, we went visiting. Kelvin, Teddy, Orange, Agnes, Eagle and I went to each other's house. We managed to take one photo at Ted's house - He's the one who suggested it cause he was wearing a nice outfit. Vain betul :P
Bla bla bla and that's about it. Today went out with Orange to yumcha, da gei then yumcha again. It was boring. Three more days and I have to go back. Boo hoo. I heard something bad from someone yesterday @ Rum Jungle. Nothing's gonna spoil my mood man. She can say and do whatever she wants. If she thinks I'm the one let her. I don't think she's far off better than me. Materialistic most of all. The worse thing is that she's revengeful. Dangerous. And I just knew that I could hack Friendster accounts. Haha Gossips are the fastest news that can spread around. Well I knew she has been asking people to come and warn me not to disturb her friends? I dunno who? So whoever who works with her, I just ignore. Since she's been introducing me to everyone, I don't see it a point that I keep this to myself right? hell with everything.
I'm getting my Queen size mattress soon ;P I hope! Man I'm so sleepy. Shall update again tomorrow.

To be continued.....


  1. Happy CNY, and Gong Xi Fa Cai
    It's already Day6, so fast =(

    Red packets calling, ciao
    *oink oink*

  2. lolz lucky got astro. this time go back home also hardly watch astro only last day before coming back i sit n watch for like 2 hours anime

    now only found out got anime channel wah so nice mannnn. wish i have astro at home lolz

    finally watched abit of the new ah wong hahaha


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