Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 3 - Ear Cleaning Day

Kai Ye cleaning mah ear...

Dig dig dig and dig. Hmmm..

Eeeeeeeee. So Dirty. Tsk!

Kai Ma let me into her room. There's a bed frame there. See me underneath? Hee Hee

Havign a great time nibbling on the mattresses. Chew chew chew =)~

Got spanked by a roll of paper. The same thing like mummy use one?!

Nature's Calling...Pee Pee Pee Pee

Done! Continue nibbling...Hee Hee

Tsk! Not even 5 minutes and I have the urge to poo!

Mummy say my poo very smelly wor!

=( KaiYeh says so too. BooHoo~

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