Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shopping Spree

We went to a shopping spree for 3 days in a row, shopping for the coming CNY. First day we went MidValley, bought a couple of working clothes and slacks from G2000. Thats it. Failed to get any CNY clothes. Second day, went to 1 Utama to walk. Goodness gracious, we got lost when leaving. We couldn't find our car. All my brother (who parked the car because he came later, we came by taxi first) remembered was the color of the walls. Tsk.

My stuff. Bling bling pumps from Zara.

Working bag :)~

Bed set I got for my Queen sized bed

On the following day, we went to MV again. My mum were to meet a friend of hers and she brought us shopping @ Esprit where she have this card u can get everything for 50%. I managed to grab a big sling bag and an umbrella. The total we (there were 6 of us) spent after discount was about 1K. Horrible. After that we went to have pan mee at the Oasis foodcourt. My aunt likes it alot. The sambal was good. My mum drank all the soup. LOL After tong finish work, we went to my favourite place first. Ikano Power Centre's Pet Safari. I grab a kimono for Germaine. I'm not posting any photos yet. This top is for her to wear for CNY. Why did I not get the Cheongsam? Firstly, I think the cheongsam is quite dark in color. You know, older generation pantang people who wears black during this festive season. Secondly kimono is nicer. Kawaii des! After that we rushed to Ikea.

Got myself a wardrobe. It was darn heavy.

And a table, table lamp and a document tray.

After that, we took bus to Petaling Street. Where my aunt and mum bought a couple of stuffs. Sigh it was a super tiring day. My legs were like...Grrr unexplainable.

Look like a pile of rubbish.

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