Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I can't wait for 13th September.
Cause Imma finally goin back Ipoh. Tho only for few days but ...

I'll be back again the following week to attend Mayble sister's wedding *grins*

Ohh, btw, the pervert whom I chatted with in my previous post, noticed that I blogged about him. He nudged me in MSN saying "why you post it in blog?" Shocking!! HAHAHA. Finally, I blocked him.

I'd expect myself to be very tired, and busy for the next two months.

Might not have the time to blog as often (as if I am blogging that often)

So..I'm gonna wish two of my friends and my lovely little cousin a very happy birthday.




Ohhh...and this weekend will be Miki's (not me, it's Yen Lu's furkid) birthday and there's gonna be a party held at Yang's Place @ NZX.

6th of September

is a special date, not only for me, but my boo as well. It's the day of we first started dating *grins* It's our 3rd year together.

Three years on the love boat. Our love grew stronger everyday. I cannot deny that there are still arguements over the slightest issue, (you should ask my brother about it!!! he claimed that it was fun watching us argue wtf) but I have learn to give and take. What won me over was you were always there when dark times hit me, not giving up on me. Thanks for being such a sport darling.

xoxo, me

Okay, that's it. I don't think I'm gonna put up mushy mushy words to disgust you guys. I'll keep it private.

Here's a pic of him Dota-ing with his friends @ Point Extreme. I fell asleep watching him play the other day. Tho it was funny and exciting, but After 3rd round I fell asleep! PIG!!

yeng mou?

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