Sunday, August 31, 2008


Good Afternoon guys.

Happy 51st Independence Day to all Malaysians.
How did you guys celebrate?

I had diarrhea. Continously went to the loo 4 times yesterday night.
I couldn't resist it, the chili was too tempting. It was so nice.
Yeah, I had Steamboat @ Ho Ho in Sri Petaling. Practically finished whole bowl of chili.

An hour later, the torture began. *sigh*

Wish I could poo out all the fats in me *dreaming* No such thing :P

I had to lose least 5kgs. I had to wear the Zara tube dress. It has not been touched since I bought it few months ago. I had gained freakin 6kgs in one year. I only found out recently, when Jill and I went to the vet to get Germaine's nails trimmed, and for fun we weighed ourselves on the machine meant for pets! Hahahaha!! And he gained 10kgs!!!!!!

As I was blogging, there's a female in disguise talking to me on MSN. I suspected this person is a HE because, his MSN's avatar was a girls body in bikini and his status reads "i love this body". So there's no reason to believe that this human is a female. Well, even "she" is, read this :-

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
(FYI, over the few months "she" has been nudging me for many many times but I ignored.)

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
(After few nudges, I was irritated)

(Miki (M) ; Lovesoccer188 (L))

M : ?
L : Do you have bf?
M : yeah I'm married. What is this about?
L : Body Figure?
M : Learn how to respect women and I'll consider tellin ya.
L : Okok. Height? Weight?
M: (at this moment, I decided to play along) 158cm 45kg (i wish)
L : body figure?
M : What is this really about actually?
L : 36 24 36

(wtf. He thought I couldn't understand the word "body figure")

M : Do you understand English? I'm asking you what is the need to know get these info from me?
L : for info


M : okay okay 36 25 35
L : C cup
M : Yeap.
L : Nice body.
M : Thanks so done?
L : Where ya from?
M : Ipoh but now working in KL. Why are you asking so much crap?

(...No respond. Offline he went.)

After few minutes...

Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.
Lovesoccer188 just sent you a nudge.

M : Yeah? Are you a guy or gal? I feel that you're a guy wo *act innocent*
L : Guy. So? Do you have Friendster?

Ohhh...lansi back me with so so so lah!! *clinching fist*

M : Sorry no FS nor FB
L : Give me lar. Lastime I don't know how to add you.
M : I deleted my account
L : Where you from?
M : I already told ya. Ipoh but working in KL.
L : Ohh Sorry..I'm from KL, but now in Melaka. Can meet you?
M : When you coming down KL?
L : Mmmmm...soon. Do you have bf?
M : wtf I already told you I have. How many girls are you chatting with?
L : Will he be jealous if I meet you?
M : nah..just meeting friends. He does that alot too
L : You how old?
M : 25, old dy. You?
L : 30

wtf omfg

L : Got any girl to intro to me?
M : What girls? I'm not good enough for you?
L : Good but you got bf, still can be my gf?
M : I do part time.
L : What I can get from you being your partime bf?
M : What you lookin for? It's you who's looking for a gf okay.
L : Make Love
M : How good are you at it? What's your name btw?
L : Caall me weiwei. Can make love?
M : If you're good at it. What benefit do I get? Isn't weiwei a girl's name? (wtf weiwei? That's a girl's name wehhh.)
L : What you want?
M : There's no free lunch in this world. What can you offer me? What you work as?
L : Ok Can also call me Stanley. If I have sex with you will your bf jealous or not? ite supervisor in construction line. you?
M : I can handle that no worries. I'm an accountant (Bwahahahahahhaa)
L : Wow. You had sex with many guys b4?
M : Depends what they offer me.'re wasting my time
L : Normally what the guys offer you?
M : (exaggerates) 1K worth of shopping spree, diamond watches, branded bags...
L : (kept quiet for some time....) Whats your number?
M : Gimme yours and I'll call.
L : I will call you when I need you.
M : Ok then. Bye.
L : Bye.

wtf. I phailed BIG TIME!!! Sigh..I suck in baiting people lahh. The way I talk. Hahaha no patience...can see I'm about to explode anytime. Oh btw, his msn's e-mail is similar to his nick *winks*

Okay. Gonna continue me drama. Btw, I'm continuing Takuya Kimura's Engine. Watched 5 episodes 2 years back...and today Episode 6 =) Cheers!!


  1. pervert guy.
    respect woman lar. idiot fella

  2. swt.. what a conversion you have. although its funny but then this guy really have no respect towards female -.-"


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