Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pissed me off Day!

Have it ever occured to you guys, that, your parents or your siblings demand or remind you to do a certain task, by repeating it over and over again?

I'm sure you do. How do you feel?

I fucking hate it!

Be it my dad or my mum asking me to go shower, stop chatting online, bla bla bla. I hate it!! But because they're my parents, I need to respect them.

Even my boyfriend, is doing the nagging thingy especially when I'm driving. He'd instruct me to "put left signal light", "turn left", "turn right", "put right signal light", yada yada yada all the way.

Hello!!! Do not make noise when a woman is driving!!!

Don't be so noisy can? I'm not a 3year old kid. I am a lao niang, lao zha bor!! If I'm "hor mia" I'd be married with kids already goddammit!!

Well this post does not target my boo nor my lovely parents. This is to someone who really get on my nerves today!!! This does not happen once. He used to remind me a few times and I already returned his favour and now the nightmare has returned!!!

Sorry to say that no wonder nobody likes it even a bit!! Those who are nice to you, they just pity you. Do you see them always wanting to hang out with you? NoOooo!! They're the same as the rest, backstabbing you! Face the reality dude!

Well, prolly in your whole life, you do not have friends who are true to you. Grow up and stop pretending to be matured when the things you do are like a kiddo's!!!

Seriously, you don't need to remind me again and again can!!! Pissed me off kao kao!!

Gosh! I hate it when I get angry. What the hell happened to my anger management course? I'd passed it wat!!

*breathes in, breathes out, and in and out*

Never mind bout those, I'd forget it in no time. Plus, I got the job I wanted all along and I'm really happy for myself.

Plus, my mommy is coming home with loads of chocolates!! Darn I am so craving for chocs now.

nutty M&M's *drooling*

And my VS's dresses *squeals!!!*

I oughta go on diet. I'm so FAT liao! From 44kg to 48kg wtf wtf wtf. All my boo's fault. Always eat and eat and eat.

till then......


  1. 48kg consider fat meh??

  2. Hey annie darling! post up ur VS dress! i wanna seeeeee :P
    eh congrats on getting a job for urself! by the way, mind telling which company u gonna in? :P
    Take k dear

    Christine (ur netfriend)

  3. timmy yes. btw thanks for ur slave ahaha. sent me into blur case for a mo.

    christine!!!! oi darling where u been missing wo? always curi see my blog one. wut's ur msn? if u see this pls add me lar. the co is a bank starting with the letter H. lol

  4. wat is vs dress??
    u not fat my jie jie more fat@@"

  5. eh...i didnt curi curi come geh leh..i dai dai fong fong came in wan :P

    add u in msn jor...siang lee is my msn..dont feel surprise and block me ya :P

    OH i roughly know which bank is tat ady...kekeke good good! u gambateh!

    p/s: mana VS dress pictures? akakakaka....

  6. this weekend i post up lol

    i tot siang lee is a guys name LOLL

  7. sorry to hear you couldnt attend the gathering. i guess you can't even join the MS gathering lo?

  8. it's all right lah. im not sure yet i will confirm with jason.

    btw, some ppl just don't understand what's going on. ppl fetch need to pay to attend gathering? dog party need to pay for food? who says attend gathering need money?

  9. ignore childish ppl that's why they never grow up

  10. Jie~ Nvm ler~ when you start work you can even throw it into his face duh~


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