Thursday, March 26, 2009

My safe harbour is gone..Forever

I did not notice that I have 1 follower for my blog. Teh Wei Chee - 38 gong, why are you stalking my blog?

Kidding! Hee hee.

Anyways, I've been indulging myself into reading the Twilight Saga novels lately to keep myself from pre-occupied and not think of the chaos that happened lately. Alot, and I mean it. I'm finishing the third book (Eclipse) today (I find Taylor Laurent real sexy *giggles*) - few more pages to go. What am I gonna do when I'm done with Breaking Dawn I wonder. Perhaps I should hit down to MPH to get more books. Harry Potter perhaps? I don't know. The thought of having nothing to do fears me. But I bet I'd be busy shifting my stuff preparing to move back to Ipoh. *rolling eyes*

*swoons* (look at how thing Kirsten's leg

I do not have the passion to blog anymore. *sigh* It's so dull now. I don't want to mention the unhappy stuff. I have the urge to blog but my mind is blank. I'm starting work tomorrow. Anxiety and fear is running within me. Life's just so unfair. Everything seems to go wrong. Life's a biatch - sad to say. My bloody retarded mobile phone is in a mess. It has problem with the reception.

Btw guys, I've decided to get Iphone - the white one. Tee Hee Hee. That gives me a good reason to get a new phone.

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