Thursday, April 23, 2009

I slacked too much

Hello peeps. I'm still waiting for Barroom's photos. Here's a lil update :-

* Fluff @ NZX Ara Damansara *

Coco, the tam jiak Pekingnese - cute sial!

Say Cheese!

Columbus, the blind Yorkie.

Chilling out with the cute babe from Peking - LOL

*16th Apr 09 *

Jill bought tickets to watch Coming Soon - 11.30PM show but ended up not watching cause we're too chicken shit! wtf So we went to Kampar for tt. We went to this mamak where they have 99 types of roti. I tried Roti Planta - doesn't taste nice. They have Roti Liverpool and Roti Man Utd as well. I wonder what's inside.

* 17th Apr 09 *

Happy Birthday, Bro! Sorry this is a lil late but I already wished u in Facebook as well as through web cam. :P

* 23rd Apr 09 *

I'm soooo lazy to blog nowadays. With the fucked up broadband connection, delayed of photos, lack of time, lack of sleep - I've no idea. I only slept 1 hour today. I managed to struggle through work. Thanks to my best friend, Mocha.

Btw, this is what happens when you go to work in sleepy mode

Situation A ( M would be me and C would be customer)

Before revealing customer's information, customer need to be verified. This happens after verification was done.

M : Thank You. And just to double confirm with your enquiry today, Miss Annie, you would like to check on your available balance, am I right to say so?
C : Yes
M : Before that, may I put you through a short verification first?
C : But you already verified me
M : .......

Situation B

When customer make enquiries, verification need to be done first. Thus, one of the verification question would be to ask for customer's full name and credit limit.

M : May I have your full name, please?
C : Annie Tutu (just an example lol)
M : Thank You. And..may I have your full name, please?
C : Huh?
M : Oh..I'm sorry. May I have your credit limit, please?

Damn..we were laughing out loud when we shared our experiences on this. ROFLMAO!

I'd be going shopping tomorrow. Yay! I'm gonna go get my very first pair of Crocs. Tee Hee Hee.

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