Friday, April 24, 2009


I know it hurts. The color of my font. :P I wish it'd rain. It doesn't. *sigh* It's the end of the world. Everything's gonna go. Edwin said "Rain rain go away, lil annie wants to play" wtf Hahaha.

I was so disappointed yester, I went to MidValley hoping to get a pair of Prima Crocs but to my disappointment, out of size for every color of this model. wtf. Why are there so many with size 5 feet? I was so moody. My cousin sister could get it with a cheaper price for me but I couldn't wait and she's in Penang?! Me mum says it's only cheaper by 30 bucks per pair anyway. But I planned to get 2 pairs =P Muhahaha. Greedy pot. Thus, I went to Vincci to find back the pair of ballerinas which I bought during CNY. I love this pair of precious as it's so comfy and doesn't hurt me leg. As expected, they don't have it anymore. So, to Nose I went and I saw the pair that was published in Cleo magazine - it was the same design except that it's in purple color. I grabbed a pair of that and another pair of heels. *smirks*

Teddy Ngui~~~~ where are my pics?? I know he wouldn't read this. Don't think he visit my blog anyway.

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