Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moar Pics

Date pics taken * 19 Apr 09 *


Camwhore @ Tesco, Ipoh. Actually came here to get some stuff for my granny before going back to Kay-eL. *sigh* I hate going back.

Closed eyes? *sweats*

Both this image and the one below is not related to Tesco. I only had a chance to upload it now due to some delay. This was the whale exhibited at MidValley.

I love how they did the surface or the skin of the baby whale. Boy, it's a very big sized one. *wubs* I love whales <3>

Pink top =)

Ohh..I had to get this pair of shorts. I fell in love at first glance * double wub* Tho, the price is costly - 95 bucks a pair wtf.

Brown cardi *wubs*

Bought some books for my lil cousin sister.

A fat cat Nat is.

* 26 Apr 09 *

Preparing ourselves for a trip to KLIA. Meeting my mum there and we were usual.

Brand new shoe =) from N. I actually wore it today (30th Apr) for the first time and the scrunchy part is killing my feet. Urgh! I love the old pair more, and it's from V. Scroll down for more.

This is what happened to my old pair *frowns* Happened due to too much driving.

I love you Bally! I actually named my shoe Bally because "she's" a pair of ballerinas wtf :P

Top view. My leg looked hideous *gasps*

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