Friday, April 17, 2009

I hear wedding bells

Four more hours till my alarm rings..I wanted to sleep but I just need to blog. It wont take me long. Tee hee hee..One of my high schoolmate - Irene Kwok is getting married end of this year *shrieks with excitement* I'm so happy for her. (wonders when will my turn comes *dreams* wtf lol) Best part is I get to be ji-muiz, which means I hafta start hunting for dresses soon. yay!
Btw, mum and I went shopping for Alex's clothes at Kinta City today and I ended up getting one woollen top, orangey graphic shirt (with a cat on it lol) and a colorful checked shorts from MNG in just 10 minutes. *laughs* Will post pics up on Saturday as I forgot to bring my phone back - I was in a rush today and I left my phone inside Tong's car wtf. It was soooo inconvenient without a phone. Lucky Jill was there to fetch me from bus station. Can't believe that for the price for that pair of shorts you can get the two other tops. Tsk tsk. It's so good to be home. The food, the mini cornettos, my Meeko, fridge full of chos and my lil cousin's yogurt drinks (I always curi hers to drink and promise will buy back for her but ended up Not forgetting there's astro, proper PC to go online and download whatever I wanted, friends and fresher air. The only thing that I'm not comfortable with is to sleep alone. I'm not so used to it *cries* And my neighbour - which consist of women from China which I call them big six women (tai luk mui), they go out in the evening, comes back in the middle of the night about 3 to 4am (the time around which I'm blogging now) and they'd talk so loud, open the gate and lock it so loud like it's gonna collapse. After they enter the house, I could even hear them going up the stairs and banging the door. They do this everyday. I don't feel secure at all. Wonder why does the owner rent the place to these kinda ppl. I'd rather the previous tenants stay, tho they speak loudly as well but at least they're friendly.

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