Monday, April 13, 2009

My lurve

I am so madly in love with West Highland White Terrier for a long time.

Another one which I adores and not available in Malaysia - Scottish Terrier.

Woohoo If you guys remember this cutie pie breed appeared in the Made of Honour flick. Tee Hee Hee.

Oh..I'm gonna post up pics of the cute Pekingnese I met at Yang's place last week! Her name's Coco and she's the cutest Pekingnese I've met ever - and prolly the manja-est and laziest one! Hahaha when you put her on your lap she'd just fall asleep right away. How lazy is that? She's so indescribably cute that I wanted to kidnap her back, as well as Columbus the blind Yorkie. He's so lovely - always following Germaine around smelly her "pot pot" (means ass ROFLMAO)

Oh and I was browsing PH the other day, I saw this bloody cun dress .......

Pics taken from - PerezHilton

Pretty isn't it? Btw, the description on Cheryl Cole is not written by me. Hahaha - I'd wish this is my wedding dress and look at the shoes. Killer!!

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