Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 days post

* 9th and 10th Apr 09 *

Off days - stayed at home, doing house chores, be Germaine's slave. She is a very kuai lan Silky Terrier I must tell you. She does not pee on newspapers which has been pee-ed once before. I place chinese newspapers for her on the floor and you know how big sheets are they. She will pee at one corner and poo nicely just outside the bloody paper and just go! The second time she wanna pee she's do it on the stairs. By the way, her so called toilet is in the kitchen. Grrrrrrr. This over pampered girl is driving her daddy insane. *giggles* muhahaha. And I get to parking space today and not let that biatch opposite park it -____-

* 11th Apr 09 *

It was so much fun at work - so much laughter with Aileen, Mavis, Aileen and Eunice around it was madness!! Muahahahaa In addition we also have Yvonne and June. It was madness. I couldn't tell what happened but it was so farneeee. wtf I've gone mad. The day before I screamed that I couldn't wait to go to work. Hahaha. Do you know how much I love going to work early in the morning, tapao-ing fried mihun with telur goreng - the same food every morning, going for breaks and toilet loo. Wooohoo I love my colleagues.

* 12th Apr 09 *

I've no inspriration to blog at all these days. When I'm not online, I've got heaps of ideas running through my head of what to blog. I kept reminding myself, "I'm gonna blog about this, this, this and this" But when I went online, BLANK. *sigh* I don't really like to blog about sad things. I don't tend to show. It was a boring day at work today, partly is due to not much calls and I was so emo today. I was trying to read some "animal news" when I came up to this site, with a medium sized banner saying "Say no to puppy mills" So I went inside and there they have explanation and pictures of dogs and their condition at dog farms. ZOMG! I regreted looking at those photos. The condition of the dogs were so bad that they wrecked my heart, my tears started coming out. Please guys, if you're planning to look for a pet dog, please please please do not consider purchasing from a pet shop as their suppliers are mainly from these pathetic puppy mills. Without demand, there won't be any supply. I was told by a friend, how a breeder treats the mother dogs when they're too old to get pregnant. They put them to sleep. Yes. They wouldn't want to bare the cost of feeding and taking care of the dog till they grow old and die. Imagine how many mother dogs they have to feed. How many dogs they have in a dog farm? At least one to two hundreds. This is too cruel. I was surfing Petfinder today and saw a lil cute pup up for adoption. I was so eager to take the pup but due to my situation now (I've alot of stuff to consider on okay?) - I'm getting a new car soon, not for fun, for me to travel to work later when I move. Wanna see the cute lil baby?

Isn't she cute? =) Hope she'd go to a good home with loads of love and nothing but love. Btw, her name is Xiao Lu. I don't know what it means.

Yay! June's gonna tapao nasi lemak for me tomorrow for breakfast. *claps* Today she brought curry puff. Crunchy and yummy *grins* Oh, my blood test result is out. My H.Pylorui is higher than normal, whatever that means. I think it means something when it's not treated will lead to cancer. *gasps* My mum's gonna get the doctor to prescribe some medication. *grumbles* Fine with me as long as other stuffs is normal. *pheww*

Hmmmm, so bored today. I'm thinking of getting a domain from the site Kok Leong suggested the other day. But is definitely taken. I don't know what name I'm gonna put. Some of the suggestion given by the site :


wtf lah so lame. Prolly I'd settle with or Hahaha the first one was a joke. Or maybe


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