Monday, April 14, 2008

Ahoy Ipoh

My eyes got infected again. Guess my eyes isn't compatible with color lens lah wtf. BUMMER!! Have to go order toric lens d.

Sincero again with my red red jelly eyes *sob*

Me and Sexy mon

Jeff and I. The whole night, I was tearing. Couldn't face the spot lights. Wtf, so sunfu.

While I'm bloggin here at 4.30am, my baby's sound asleep beside me, all coiled up. She wanted to sleep on my lap ALL the time whenever I'm in front of the PC. But after 30 minutes, my legs couldn't take the numbness.

Oh yeah, my bro's salon is shifting from 1st floor to ground floor finally! Congratulations Ray. I'm so excited for them.

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