Friday, May 02, 2008

3rd Babysitting Experience

*3rd Babysitting Experience*

This darling belongs to my brother's boss's sisters'. She was having diffulty in taking care of the pup I suppose she she kinda just dump the pup to her brother (not my brother's boss, another bro of his) to take care of. So this bro dumped the pup to my brother's boss to jaga and so I happen to be at the saloon, so I volunteered to jaga for her lah! She was so adorable. So small in size, half of Germaine and she is so so so super cute. Btw, her name is mei mei. And she's very active and eats only 40 biji of kibbles per meal a day. And she only gets to take 2 meals per day. I was like OMG, I can feel bones all over her body man. So I secretly fed her 3 meals a day, maintaining the amount of 40 biji kibbles. One more thang, when she came, she just left the groomer's shop. So, how come her fur is so tangled up? Terrible!

Salon..with the boss.

Oh she's so cute! Seriously.

She's very obedient too. When you walk, she just follow you around. *grins*

Look at her big big round eyes..

I love this pic the most! =)

In my brother's arm. Look how tiny she is.

Look at her tangled fur lah..It took me 4 hours to exactly untangled it with my fingers and then comb.

Her pee and poo area..haha inside the drawer =P

Tiny mei mei =)


Mei mei and I

Inside her cage =(

Look at her fur after I finish untangled. The black fur basically got combed off.

More snapshots..

More and more..

This is the first time she slept like this on my lap. I don't have the heart to move cause she looked so cute. I eventually get to babysit her for 5 days. I missed her so much when she left that I cried. Stupid me. I just hope she doesn't get totured by her 5 year old owner. Oh yeah did I mention that my bro's boss's sister actually bought mei mei for her 5 year old kid? This is so sad.

-The End-

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