Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After reading hottylicious t3ngt3ng's blog on "What will you do when your partner's away?"

Hmmmm....*brain storming* I could have done quite a set of different things. What I mean by set is that if I were to stay home, I would have done set A. Else, I'd prolly be doing B stuffs. Depends on the time and day.

Well, he seldom goes out. So when he does, I'd be at home doing my own stuff e.g watching drama, SMS-ing, cracking my head (on my NDSL) out trying to solve Professor Layton's Puzzle No.100 and Diner Dash =P If I have Internet, then I'd be sticking by butt on the PC chair for as long as I can..blogging, gaming, crapping in LYN, etc. So prolly there's nothing special..Oh if my two babies were with me, even better. *sigh* I miss you two so muchhhhh!!! =(

P/S : There'll be a launch for PETSTER magazine @ The Curve this Sunday (2nd of March 08)!! It's a English pet magazine. Be there to support :P Gosh I oughta go sleep..my eyes are killing me -.-

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