Monday, February 25, 2008

Stupidity at the first degree

Just 15 minutes ago I witnessed something which made me angry (okay..for like 10 minutes) about Malaysians. While I was enjoying my cup of "Heong Phin" tea at a dim sum shop in Kuchai Lama, out of a sudden, there was this Indian dude in his mid 40s with big belly and bald headed, shouting at a table where a group of Vietnamese workers were doing their work..

" Apa ini ayam dengan nasi (wut he meant was Chicken Glutinous Rice / Lor Mai Kai) you mau tipu saya ka? Jual tiga ringgit dua puluh sen (RM3.20) begitu mahal? Lu percayakah nanti saya lipot polis mali tangkap lu semua tarak permit punya olang? (Pointing at them again and again) Saya polis tau. Jual begitu mahal..bagi orang Cina semua makan lah baik baik. Tiga ringgit dua puluh sen punya ayam dengan nasi lu pun kasi jual? Lu masak ada apa dalam?"

He kept on repeating the same thing over and over again. Nobody was like even looking at him. Not even the boss and he kept on and on talking non stop to himself. Eventually he got angrier and went to talk to the customers sitting next table from us.

And then one of the Chinese girl working there asked, " You kata you polis, tunjuk permit la"

Indian dude : Lu mau saya tunjuk ka (Starting to korek his wallet out)
Girl : Tak mau (walking away)

Then, he walked to the Chinese workers sitting aside having their supper, and take his wallet out and said :-

"Lu ingat saya tak ada wang bayar ka? (Taking out notes showing off. I couldn't see how much la, was too far) Lu mau saya lah! Nanti saya suruh polis datang tangkap lu semua takda permit punya olang"

Chinese gal : Mereka ada permit and kerja ikut schedule punya lah!!

The funny part was, he was holding the packet of thing he bought during the whole session. I was like "If you think it's expensive why buy? There was a big signage showing the price on the wall. If you don't know how to read Chinese please go and learn before buying Chinese food and if you're soooooooooooooo not satisfied bout the price please go back and eat TOSAI"

After he was satisfied scolding, he sped off in his motorbike. -.-"

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