Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boring Sunday

What a boring Sunday. Last week went twice to Kuchai Lama hoping to get Dim Sum but didn't notice the shop was closed until today *sweats* Later I'm gonna go get some..HAHAH Santhi grab a cab and come on over join me =P If you come..dim sum on the house for you. LOL!!

The other day, on Chap Goh Meh night (have loads of pics to post up but no cable lar..tunggu ini weekend balik Ipoh then I post), my boo's brother punya friend tanya one funny question. Orite, the conversation goes like this :-

(A= boo's bro ; B = boo's brother's friend)

B : Eh..I ask you..what is the past tense of "wah lau" ?
A : Huh? How the heck I know?
B : Wah Piang is the answer
Me : *sweats* -___________-""" (wtf? walau's past tense?)

And was sooo freakin bored in MSN..Santhi and I was crapping around and we ended up screwing around with our MSN status-es :-

(S : Santhi's MSN Status ; A : Mine)

S : annie is an anjing
A : santhi is a babi
(Then she asked what is the breed of my dog. So I told her Silky Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer)
S : annie is an anjing miniature schnauzer...where is my dimsum and steamboat..ahahhaha
A : santhi is a flying pink khinzir..asyik makan ajer..babi betul
S : annie is an anjing
A : santhi loves who's the anjing now?? HAHHAAHHAHAAH
S : annie shut up
A : do you know G means pig in Cantonese? HAHAHA
S : annie come lets go to the tiesto rave go la annie anjing u
A : santhi loves tiesto more than me =(

Okay end of story....the rest not funny anymore edi =)

I'm cracking my brains out trying to solve Puzzle No.100 for Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Final Chapter already..but I couldn't get the answer..anyone help?!

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