Saturday, March 01, 2008

Had a fun night @ Sincero. At first it was quite boring with the 6 of us around (Kelvin, Jeff, Jill, Agnes, Bong, Ron, Andy and his gf) after that Jeffery and the rest joined us..we had 1 bottle of liquor and 10 buckets of beer -.- Oh my..

Random pics..lazy to arrange :P

Sakae Sushi @ Pavillion

Green Tea

Sakae Soup

Salmon. Boy, the onion that comes with it was super HOT...beh tahan

The mascot @ 20 bucks. I wanna get one but this was the last one =(

Kanikama maki =)

Eel =P~

California Roll

Miso Shiru

Cawan mushi

Penang Trip


Inside the's driving

1st makan place we went upon arrival

Very nice seafood tom yam noodle :P


My cousin claims this is very nice

Bakua balut-ed with fried egg for breakfast..*yum*

Happy Valentine's Day

Chor 9..Pai Tin Kong..

Praying altar

Heaps of food..and firecrackers..HAHA

J.Co Donuts :P

Cam cam

Lovely bear




This is meimei. My boo's aunt lost her -.- Crap. She's such a lovely dog with very good temper. Unlike Germaine.

Aiden's tiny...

Big Tree Leg @ Ipoh

Everytime I'm back for sure I'd be here

My fav HorFun Kon Lou

Donuts..I specially lurve the Alien VS Predator one..

We @ MidValley

Steamboat @ Penang

We even had beer from Aussie..haha


Adios :)

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