Saturday, March 01, 2008

Crap. I couldn't sleep. My bones are aching due to too much beer. I betcha I couldn't wake up on time to send my babies for grooming and goin for the lunch date with that bunch of people. Norman's on his PS3. My mum's away. Ahh..she smelt so good. I mean Meeko. Germaine as well. Can't help blogging bout them all the time. Dogs are my passion. Good god that I landed on something relating to this.

This trip back to Ipoh, there's something similar to what I've been seeing for the past week in KL, banners and posters for the ELEK-tion campaign. You should pass by Loke Yew flat and notice how they hang their banners there..until the top of the building which is 20+ storey tall. wtf. Who the heck are these candidates anyway. I couldn't care much. I'm gonna be 26 this year and to be frank, I have yet register myself to be a VOTER. Haha. Rumours has it that if you do not register after more than three voting seasons, your CITIZENSHIP will be ripped off, remaining? Only your PR. Well, this is the new rule they say. I'd beg to differ. A friend of mine who's 35 this year and he never bothered to register as well. So? How many times the government's gonna confiscate his MALAYSIANSHIP? I bet there are still LOADS of you guys out there who are unregistered. I have zero knowledge on what this whole thing is about anyway. Doesn't trigger my interest at all. HAHA..A friend once ask, If I'm a MCA member, but I vote for the opposition, will they find out? Will anything happen to me?
Seems like there's a new MSN virus going around. Less irritating than the previous one tho. (To Andy, I bet you must be thinking that was a porno site that's why you kena right? ROFLMAO)

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