Friday, August 08, 2008

Emo post

Dear Diary,

I feel very......

love deprived and emo today.

Sup? I truly don't understand myself anymore. Something is always behind my mind. I couldn't find my track anymore.

And it makes me doubt, am I initially on the right one? Should I make a different move? or just go with the flow? It's my future and my destiny on my own hands. Make it no? Break it?

Of all the time, out of all the people, why YOU?

I have a mixed up feelings in me. I've put in deep thoughts but sometimes it just doesnt't work. *hits the pilloh*

Listen to my heart? To my conscience? Can I just do what I feel like doing, ignoring the consequences? That's the difference between an adult and a kid. Zero responsibilities, zero problems. *sighs*

My theory of life is to make each day that I am alive happy. You won't know what's gonna happen tomorrow right. War could strike. I could be dianogsed with cervical cancer.

This might sound selfish but I'm not asking for money nor Limited Edition LVs. I just want to be happy. Being able to do what I want. No restrictions. But as you age, with more problems bombarding, you might not even have time to think of HAPPINESS =(

Problems. It's what made us tough day by day.

It's not the right time. I need more assurance. *winks*

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