Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympic 2008 Day

Hello auspicious day. Woke up pretty early today. *grumbles*

Tonight's the opening ceremony no? 8PM as I was told. I hardly watch TV. It hardly gets unoccupied. Not until 2 or 3am.

I did not sleep well this morning =( Yes. I retired to bed at 4am. Yet I could not get myself to DreamLand. Due to bone aching wtf. No it is NOT PMS cramps.

Apart from chatting cucuk with Durian, I had a good time laughing at Paige trying to learn Mandarin thru her PSP before I knocked out. My boo couldn't help laughing too!! XD

Hmmm...Geez. Suddenly I crave for this

So hungry!! But no American BF around here. Tsk tsk tsk!

I miss Angel's Hair, which I cooked with super big fresh prawns, mushrooms and chicken cocktails. Can say it's one of the nicest food I am able to show off with. Hahahaha! I suck when it comes to cooking. No chance to learn mate. Where I'm staying now the kitchen does not belong to me. =( I don't feel comfy messing with other people's kitchen no.

Thinking bout food, must not miss the dessert!! *blinks*

*drum roll*





*squeals* BR's Maui Brownies Ice Cream!! Not a miss..not a miss.

And yeah before I sums thing up, this is for Durian =) yummy yum. Wo de zui ai *hearts*

I know you dun have a sweet tooth but I like! *syok sendiri*

Food definitiely makes me feel better.

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