Friday, August 08, 2008


Lately Paige and I have been busy going out for yumcha cum DS sessions.

We actually try all sorts of games, starting from Tetris to Animal Crossing.

Had a good laugh playing AC cause I was so noob to control the character in the game.

Here are some pics of yesterday's outing @ Sri Petaling's Kinrara. Thank god they opt to go for this one rather than Kuchai Lama's. The last time we both went there, we lost few litres of blood :P

Though it was drizzling tonight, Paige wanted to go to OUG's pasar malam to get what she wanted - a Pokemon handphone hanger.

To her avail, there was not even a single Pikachu merchandise for sale. All I saw was 7chai, mickey Mouse and Naruto.

She refused to leave as rain got heavier, she wanted to at least get something, else the effort of going to the pasar malam will be wasted. Don't be so sampat can?

So she got this. Three of these.

One for herself, one for me and the one in the wrapper is for Sam Por. That's so sweet of her *hugs* Thanks dear.

*Chuckles* Everytime I call her dear she'd vomit. What?! You're not used to it only.

Guess which one is mine? If you know my fav color, it's be kacang puteh to guess bah.

After that we went to ABC mamak for a drink, to test Cooking Mama 2 and AC =). We were busy laughing and exploring each other's town that I didn't notice it was 12am.

Happy 080808 everyone =)

Want to see what was our DS session like?

Haha, the 1st one is Mario Kart. Me vs Jason.

I won of course =P But it was fun.

And the 2nd one is the Battle of Tetris. Shing Ji claimed that Tetris is a game for kids. So Paige wanted me to challenge him.

Paiseh paiseh. But before the game ends, my driver arrived dee.

So there weren't winner or loser =)

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