Monday, August 25, 2008

Trip to Ipoh - Penang - Kedah - Penang - Ipoh was so so. I did not snap much photo.

But I was able to meet up with cymon, stella mui, ben ben, ziggy and carmen. And Kelvin and Jill too. Teddy wasn't free to come out =( Something came up. Busy fella.

Finally after so many months I can get to eat Big Tree Leg. Ohhhh and I tried the corn juice. *melts*

Penang trip was still okay. I stil get to online. And I met up with an old friend, Stan Lee. *grins*

Kedah's trip was superbly bored. Kill me please. After praying my grandpa, I started sleeping. I slept through the whole process, even when people were walking in and out the living room, chatting loudly during lunch, etc...I slept through all of it. I did not know who came or went. When my cousin bro, woke me up to bid me goodbye. Paisehhhhh! I looked horible with my messed up hair.

After settled everything, we went back to Penang. And to Ipoh the next day...KL in the evening itself. No time with my babies *sob*

I followed my aunt's car. She was having lawyer's dinner @ Equatorial Hotel. Jean Yenn ikut sekali since it was school hols. We stayed @ the hotel for 2 days.

When we reached, luckily there was no jam. We managed to be on time. We were so hungry. Since the hotel was few steps away from the building where Ruums was, we headed there after we unload our luggage...

Thank God It's Friday *grins*

We ordered like everything was cheap. LOL


Mango Juice

Jack Daniel's steak - medium rare


Dessert, which in the end we couldn't finish it. This was the LEFT OVER!!

When the bill came....Jeng jeng jeng jeng...





RM132 Thank You

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