Monday, August 25, 2008

All about dogs

Those of you who followed me blog, should expect what this post is about.

Yeah. I had to be babysit Mei Mei =) but only for 3D 2N.

She's so cute. But grew more kwai lan than ever.

Likes to bite people's hand as if it was a toy. *faints*

Enjoy the pics. These pics were taken after grooming.

Btw, I don't think Segar Pet Grooming gave a very good job in their service.

There some matted fur on Mei's body, but they did not dematt it.

But it was cheap. Only 20 bucks. (Cheaper compared to my dogs lah!!)

Enjoy the pics =)

Do I look like sleeping?

No..she's not.

My stupid brother trying to get her to smell his shoe. *slaps*

She was made to sit on the floor still by my boo. HAHA I had a video on this. But too lazy to upload into YouTube. She was so scared of my boo. (Both my dogs too!) She daren't move.

She kept looking at me, as if asking for help. I couldn't help laughing. But I couldn't show it to her that I'm laughing. No joke Mei Mei. *hugs*

Tho, all 3 of em are scared of my boo, but they listen to my boo the most. They still wag tail when they see him.

This snowman was an X'mas present from a friend. But it belongs to her now. Haha. Whenever she's over my place. She'll at least have a few toys to play with.

I couldn't let her down walking around the salon. Have to think of the Malay people's feeling. Some saw got dog, they won't come in. So I had to make her sit with me on the cushion...till she fell asleep. Cutie *kisses*

Awake *blinks blinks*

But couldn't get down. *shrugs*

The very next day she had to go home lu. Missed her. She runs like a rabbit =)

Take care Mei :P

I know it's a waste of money, but it's about time I get something for my dogs. Since I'm going back for 4D 3N.

Neat but not cheap.

Walking Harness. (Google if tak tau) It was the smallest size. The box said this could even fit a pomerian. wtf when I tried on Germaine, it was so freakin loose. This was like her what? 5th leash? *bang wall*

Once in a blue moon treat.

This is soooooOOooo expensive @ Pet Wonderland. No discount. Reis bought it from Pet Family at RM4.60 only.

Kong Kong :P They'd sure fight over this.


  1. testing 4 5 6

    ~ Lion ~ :b

  2. omg so cute on the chair. at that post where you put do i look like sleeping hahaha. arghh miss met met


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