Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rants of Me Life

What d'ya think? Better view from the increased font size? I was awake editing the layout until 5am in the morning. Font size were increased (by one :P) and got rid one some grey color headings and ribbons. Added Plurk, as you can see on the left hand side frame.

And I had to wake up at 8.30am today. *bang wall* I only had 3 hours of sleep. My eyes are dropping like nobody's business. I need toothpick!!

Cymon cymon, gimme some feedback please, you're the only one who complains bout my tiny fonts =( and I won't be changing the background cause it matches everything me at least.

Reis SMS-ed me yesterday asking if I am free to dogsit her pooch, a cutie Yorkshire Terrier named Bebe. She was called to attend outstation meeting @ GuangZhou last minute.
Being a doggy freak, I agreed. Bebe will be over @ my place next Thursday until the following Monday. Excited-ness kan, Sheryl? LOL. So I have a canine to bring along to Hugo and Sushi's party after all huh?

I was asked why do I always bring other people's doggy to gatherings and all =( You know what? It kinda hurt being hit with such kinda Q. Do you guys think I don't wish to bring my furkids? Do you guys not know that I feel so bad that my furkids were not able to feel how other pooches feel, no? They have never in their life attended anything like this. Boohooo~ =( I'm a bad mommy.

It's not easy to look for someone who can accept living with canines. How many of you out there actually pour your hearts out to animals? I have encountered a few idiots who said dogs are dirty, cats are smelly, so forth. I always answer the same thing, "They (dogs,cats) are probably way cleaner than you cause at least their mouth does not smell like troll's breath!!!", in my heart of course.

On the other hand, I also understand that there are people who buy pets for ridiculous reason.

- kiasu.
They see people got, they also want. Rich mah. Buy how many also no problem! Just like my boo's stupid uncle. This is his 4th dog, where 2 of hs previous dogs went lost. Now, don't get me started on this. He's a stupid man!!

- they love dogs...but.
Those who doesn't bother to do research. After getting the pup, they feed em with Pedigree lah, Alpo lah. Oi, there's a thing call Google.
Those who buy dog(s) but have no time or enough money to take care of them. The one who suffers in the end is who? your dog, no? No money then don't rear lah! Vaccination, heart worm prevention, grooming, etc everything needs $$$$$!!!
And if you're always hanging out every night..then don't get one as well. Dogs are not like vase for you to put as decoration at home, or your teddy bear, hug whenever you like it.

I don't trust strangers. With heaps of dognapping cases around, I would rather die risking their lifes for this. Some of you might recall the Dog Murdering case which happened @ Old Klang Road. Noo nooo..can't do it. Maybe I'd only bring them over, after I get my own place. Patience, babies.

I have longed to shift out from my boo's house. Yes, I am staying with his family, which consist of total 5 siblings, parents and previously a maid. The crazy lunatic maid who were sent away. I did blogged about her in my previous post.

Why? I have no privacy here. My boo knew bout this. I did not complain to him nicely about this. I blurted it out when we got into a heated arguement few months ago. I packed my stuff and wanted to move out. The whole drama thing was terrible.

Secondly, I have no place to put my clothes, my lingerie, my sanitary pads, and not even a table to put my make ups. Hello! He kongsi the room with his brother. You should see how 'BIG' his room is, with 2 single bed, a four door wardrobe, a 2 door cupboard, mini hi-fi and a study table.

I have nothing against his family. His mother treated me very nice. Just like her own daughter. I couldn't ask for more. She cooks the nicest food, boils the yummiest soup and frys the most delicious char kuey teow. But I need privacy. I want to have the freedom to lie down wherever I want, sing as loud as I like in the shower, cooking for my boo, doing housework, etc etc. And I desperately wanted to bring my furkids to KL.

What I wanted to do now is to concentrate in my career. Earn loads to get those in my wish list =P Muhahaha.

Today's not my luck. I got beaten up like zomg times in Kuwakchai Online. Bummer.

Okay lunch time!!!!

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