Monday, August 25, 2008

Ngoi Sum Soup

I love soup. As long as it is hot, nothing can stop me. *grins*

Last week I was invited over to Paige's place.

She boiled the 'zhar choy' with chicken soup.

Happiness. =P

I managed to finish 2 bowls.

Look at this..i love the vege. It's my fav.

We did not linger long after that due to her spoiled air con.

We had to go out to the mamak to get some fresh air. It was too stuffy in there.

The next day my boo's car was scheduled for service.

The Cheras Perodua branch was fully booked. Served him right.

Told ya to call one week earlier. :P :P :P

So we went to this branch in Puchong. While waiting for them to process the documents, I saw this mongrel (there were actually a few outside), whom I nearly knocked into when I reversed my car.

He was very submissive when I approached him. He took a few steps forward (I was kneeling down) but back again as I move ahead.

But after few minutes, he came forward, asked for a stroke.

He was a friendly but poor lil mongrel. His body was so thin. Can see the rib bones =(

Sniffing all over me. Maybe due to Mei Mei's smell.

I wanted to get Boy Boy (a random name I gave him :P) some food but the nearest shop was 20 mins walk from the place.

What kinda place is this no mamak or restaurant?!

Before I left, took some water from the office for Boy Boy.

The staff there teased me when they say Boy Boy was obediently sitting in front of the office waiting for me to go out. Some of them asked me to bring him home. Some called Boy Boy as my pet.

Righttttt very funnay.

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  1. Paige makes nice SOUP ....yummy ..can we all come over too ? kaka guess who ??


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