Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restaurant Hong Cha @ OUG

Famous for it's seafood and pork noodle. This shop is located two shops away from Ah Loy curry mee which is nearby to the BHP kiosk.

I ordered Lou shue fun, which was served with generous amount of squid and prawns. There's also slice of fish. It tasted normal to me. Hence, I ordered additional lard. After adding it into the noodle - yummy yum.

This would be the dry pork noodle mee with minced pork. And it comes with another bowl of soup with all the ingredients inside.

=) all these included the drinks cost around RM13.60 Other than the two noodles mentioned, this shop serves simple Japanese cuisines too - tempura and sushies.

Opening hours : 5PM - 11PM (closes on every Wednesday)

One thing I hate about this place is it's full of mozzies!

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