Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Golden Bread Cafe @ Sri Petaling

I kinda like the food from this shop. They have this Hong Kong style like food. Yummy yum. But I prefer the one in SS2 tho. They have a nicer environment.

This is the "Yau Char Guai" wrapped with Cheong Fun's skin

It's crispy on the inside *slurps*

This is what I ordered. Chicken Porridge =) Not bad.

This is my all time favourite. Cheong Fun with XO Sauce. *drools*

I don't know what rice is this bah. Already forgotten. Haha but it smelt nice.

Eating halfway..

Looks girlish =P

Sisa bisa of the food

Another saki baki.

I din put up the photos of the drinks cause I totally forgot what they ordered. Another thing which is highly recommended is the Seafood Porridge. =) Looking forward to eating here again man.

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