Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BKT @ SS14, Subang Jaya

Fei Ric @ Siew Keat intro me to this place. Actually I've been there before, but don't know what is nice. Woohoo. Only me and tong went. But we managed to finished everything.

First dish to arrive on the table =)

Then the main dish.

Okay this one is my fav among all. Thanks to fei ric. It's so nice dat I finished the whole pot LOL! It's called Hot and Sour Mustard (Shuen Lat Gai Choi)

They called it 'Lou G Yuk'. By the time we finish, feel like sleeping =P Cause too full already.

Meanwhile, Germaine is at home waiting for me to come home. Look at what she's grabbing in the photo.

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