Monday, July 23, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

D e a r D i a r y,

My trip back to Ipoh last weekend gave me a surprise. We planned to club at TZ2. Unfortunately it was so packed, dat we changed to ER instead. Immediately I saw him at the entrance of the club with his 'usual' shirt. Oh gosh. Should I or shouldn't I look at him? Hmm Better not. Later maybe. My Boo's around and hello, I have to respect him a little...not? What the heck, I went upstairs, walked to Jeffery's table, there and then I saw his buddies. *sigh* So near yet can't talk! Seeing him (unexpectedly) was the sweetest thing. We talked a lil eventually. Ended up yumcha together but both of us were sitting at both ends. So there goes my weekend =)It was a fun one. It feels so good to come home and meet my friends eventho it's not that often. Better than going clubbin with nobodies in KL everyweek. Sounds lifeless huh?

S i g n i n g O f f ,

- a n n i e -

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